Justin Bieber Wants to be Your Boyfriend

11:29 AM

"If I were you're boyfriend I'd never let you go ..."

Justin Bieber seems hotter than ever. The Ellen clone pop star has recently released his latest video for his hot single "Boyfriend". The song is actually a pretty cool departure from Biebers usual dance floor hits like "Somebody to Love" and his ever popular "Baby".

The song is really chill and laid back, "I'll love you better" that reminds me of something Justin Timberlake would have done - if he were still active on the music scene. The video shows Bieber hanging with friends while trying to convince one of the girls that she should his.

 "Boyfriend" has already reached over 2million views withing the first twelve hours of it's release and Beiber fans are already rallying to get the video to 5million views in one day to break Rihanna's current record of 4.3 million views in 24 hours with her "Where Have You Been" video.

 Is the Biebs new song worth the hype? Do you think Beliebers will get to their goal?

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