Exciting details about 2NE1/Intel's "Make Thumb Noise" Project

9:26 AM

So we're finding out a bit more about the "Make Thumb Noise" project that 2NE1 and Intel. Our first guess that a new song would come out of this is right, but now we've learned that we the fans get to help in the decision making process!
There will be four rounds that fans can vote for to help create the song. Round one consists of picking the track for the song. Uploaded on 2NE1's YouTube page are three 30 second videos. In each video there is a different track that you can choose vote to be part of the song making process with 2NE1 and Teddy (no relation). If you'd like to vote, just go to Intel's Make Thumb Noise campaign and vote for your favorite track. You can vote up to five times a day on the Intel Facebook page. Remember that this is only Round one of the voting process, so keep an eye out for the other three. The final song the we've created will be released on June 5th. Listen to the tracks below and let us know which one do you think is the best, and don't forget to vote!

First listen to the girls explain the project. There aren't any subtitles -yet.

Track One:

Track 2:

Track 3:

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