2NE1's New song almost complete!

7:21 PM

2NE1 is just around the corner from releasing another new song! The ladies of YG have collaborated with Intel Korea to produce a hit single to promote Intel's latest product. The collaboration, called "Make Thumb Noise Project" has drawn fans from all over to help 2NE1 make a song and consisted of four rounds.

Round 1 allowed the fans to determine the mood of the song by letting them vote on the track. The concept and title of the song were chosen in round 2, and fans chose to go with "Be Mine". Fans chose to go with the electro house feel of the track versus the R&B version. A snippet of the song can be heard below. It sounds like a sweet love song, but has the same edge you'd expect from 2NE1 with Bom singing " Shut up and be mine" over the summery track.

The last and final round of the "Make Thumb Noise" Project has not been announced, but my guess is that we may actually get a say in how the video will look. I'm super excited to see what the next round of voting will be. Stay tuned for updates!

While you're waiting, head on over to this super addictive page on the Intel Facebook page. It's crazy addictive and plays like "Tap Tap Revenge" on the pc!

(The electro house version of the song is first version, the last version of the song is the R&B feel)

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