We ♥ Jessica Sanchez

6:51 PM

 To Jessica: You are truly a winner to us.

To be honest, neither of us watched American Idol this season. However, I did tune into the season finale. Let me say this, Jessica Sanchez, if you are reading this, I thought you should have won. The entire time I was watching the season finale, I kept thinking, I've seen Jessica Sanchez somewhere before American Idol.
Then it hit me. I remember her cover of Beyonce song "Love on Top", that she put on Youtube. I liked her cover of that song. I never knew until the other day that she was apart of American Idol. We wish Jessica the best in her career, and we are fully supporting her. If you are like me and Tara who do not watch American Idol take a look at the beautiful Ms. Sanchez singing her heart out below.

She does an amazing job with Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"           
This is her cover of Beyonce "Love On Top". I fell in love with this cover.

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