Where to Find Scholarships Before and During College

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Everyone knows college is expensive, and many students are willing to go into debt to pay for an education. We previously told you some extreme ways to get money for college, but scholarships seem to be one of the common ways to pay for school that seems to go overlooked. Scholarships are just one of the ways that you can get your education paid for, and it helps to know where to look for them. So whether you're racking up money for next fall after high school graduation, or you're currently enrolled in college and need help looking, this list will help you seek out the right ones for you.

For High Students 
There are going to be plenty of scholarships specifically for you that you can apply for. It may seem overwhelming to find out where to look and who to ask, but this list will narrow things down for you.

University Websites
Check your potential universities for a scholarship page. There should be a list of all the scholarships your university offers including academic, athletic, and housing. You'll be able to see what requirements you must meet to apply as well as deadlines. While you are there, search the contact information for your academic adviser or someone from either the  scholarship management office or financial aid office about scholarships offered to freshmen students.

School Advisers
Many colleges send their scholarship information to high school advisers. Go to your high school adviser and ask about any scholarships that may available for the universities you are applying to. Also be sure to ask about any resources or local scholarships he or she knows of that may be able to help.

Websites such as Yconic and Fastweb help you search for scholarships you may qualify for based on your age, school, and interests. Fill out a profile and be sure to check in regularly to see what scholarships are available for you. Once you find scholarships that interest you, make sure to keep up with the deadlines so you don't fall behind. Always update your information in your scholarship profile so that you can be better matched for scholarships.

Social Media
Many scholarship providers and companies are spreading the word about their programs online through social media as well. Searching websites such as Pinterest and twitter using #scholarship will give a lot of results.   You never know what you will come across, and the more scholarships you apply to, the better your chances are of getting one.  However,be very cautious what information you are revealing online when applying to scholarships. You should never have to enter your social security number for scholarships. Research any program that you have not heard about and if a source looks suspicious, apply elsewhere.

Current College Students
It may seem like we've missed the bus when it comes to scholarships, but there are still some floating around waiting for us. Here's where you need to look.

The Financial Aid Office
Talk with an experienced financial aid counselor to ask about any scholarships that may be available to you during the semester. Now that you are a current student, there will more scholarships open to you based on your school standing or major that they may be able to point out to you. If the financial aid office cannot help, see if your school has a scholarship manager. If not talk, with your school's bursar (usually located within the Cashier's office). They handle all of the money and may be able to dig up some unknown, or open scholarships for you. 

Your Schools' Department
Scholarships specific to your major may be available to you right now, you just need to know where to look. After heading to financial aid, go to your adviser or school's office to ask about major specific scholarships. For example, business students should go to the business department to see what scholarships will be available for them the upcoming school year. There will be a greater chance of getting these scholarships, because they are only open to students in your specific major.

Go to Work
Businesses such as Starbucks, UPS, and KFC offer scholarships or tuition aid to their employees in college. Ask a manager if your job has a scholarship program for students and how you can apply.

Local businesses
Many local businesses and organizations offer scholarships for local high school and college students. It's easy to do a quick Google search or even search through local mags may turn up some scholarships.  Asking members in your community could also help.

What other places do you recommend looking for scholarships? 

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  1. Pinterest is another great place to find college scholarships. That's how I found this article. :)

  2. Thank you. This is really nice post to get scholarship.

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  4. Does anyone have any info on scholarships for high school tuition? I am a single mom and disabled and am trying to find a way to keep my daughter in the private school that she is thriving in (she makes straight A's & works very hard to do the best she can at everything she does)...but not having much luck finding HIGH SCHOOL info...any info relating to that would be sooo appreciated!!! Great article by the way...I have saved it for future use!!!

  5. What do you mean by "high" students? Do you mean academic high achievers? (I am assuming this isn't a drug reference...)

  6. Are you referring to my comment? I don't see any comments saying "high" students..?

  7. Laurie the second paragraph FOR HIGH STUDENTS is what jstrudel was referring to. Maybe they ment it to be for high school students I'm sure.
    My son got accepted to UCSF To go for his Masters and it's great to see him excited about going back to School, his bachelors was received from UCDavis so he is the very first of our whole family to take his education this far. I am going to do a lot of searching to help out with the costs.

  8. Excellent scholarship resources here. Sharing!

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