The Students' Lifestyle (The SLS) is a blog written from the perspective of two college students, Shannah and Tara. The blog discusses our experiences with school, relationships, and money. We also do reviews on music, movies, books and even go completely off topic at times.Think of it as a survival guide for college students.
L-R: Tara Simone and Shannah

Shannah (셔나)
 She is a blogger and a girl with big dreams, who one day wants to be a Journalist, and desperately wants to meet her favorite Korean group 2NE1. Right now she is majoring in broadcast journalism and minors in public relations. She  loves to have fun, rest, and eat.  You can learn more about her on her personal blog.

Tara Simone
A twenty-something college student majoring in communications with a concentration in journalism. A self professed blerd, Tara loves NPR, reading books, and keeping up with the news. She uses her spare time to write, read, dream, and binge watch action series on Netflix. You can read more about Tara on her blog, The Borderline Blerd

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