Worst Roommate Ever! Part 2

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Roommates can be unpredictable. Some are clean, and some are filthy.  You may think you have the worst roommate ever, but none are like the one's on the list below. After talking to friends who have told  horror stories about their roommates, I couldn't help but have a part 2 to the "Worst Roommate Ever!" post I've done previously.

My roommate stole my credit card.  I had perfect credit, and now I'm in so much debt. I later sued my roommate.

He yells in his sleep. Really creepy.

She used my razor to shave her pubic hair.

After a drunk night, she threw-up in the bathroom's trash can and left it in the bathroom for an entire week. I had to clean out the trash can because I couldn't take the smell.

My roommate had sex while I was in the room trying to sleep.


He had friends walking in and out of our room. He never locked the door.

Instead of confronting me about a problem , she went on Facebook and talked trash about me. I never found out about this until after I moved out because she would always smile in my face.
He had his friends over all the time. Even using my TV to play video games.

 My roommate left her bloody maxi pad on the fridge.

  My roommate  went 3 weeks without showering and used the same towel for over 6 months without washing it.
 - Peter

While living together in the apartment, my roommate's room became so nasty, clothes on the floor, trash, dirty dishes, until he started sleeping in the living room because he was too lazy to clean his room. Once the living room became like his bedroom, I got fed up and moved out. 

 She would eat all the food and leave dirty dishes. She would leave food out and the trash overflowing.

Comment below and tell us some of your horror stories about your roommate.

*To protect the identity of the people above,  names have been change.

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  1. Replies
    1. That's awesome! I now understand the joys of having my own space.

  2. I had a roommate once that insisted on staying up until 3-4am playing computer games, and then expected me to make sure he was up in time for class the next day

    1. Wow! That sound crazy! Never heard of that before.

  3. I could never have a roommate... I love my personal space way too much.

  4. I heard so many horror stories about roommates I never had one. My son recently had his first roommate and that lasted 6 months. It was a horrible experience for him.

    1. Hope it didn't leave any scars. Thanks for the comment Dawn!

  5. Yikes!!! So glad those days of roomates are over for me.

    1. You're not the only one. Thanks for checking our site Sabrina!

  6. No roommate for me after college, I had 2 room mates and both were horrible, one thought she was the queen B and the other just blah.
    ♥ no more room mates ever.

    New follower from the That's Fresh Friday Link Up Renee @ Gettin' Fit Fab

    1. I'm not sure how Shannah's roommates are, but the only one I had was my little sister. We always fought over space before we got out own room.

  7. Ugh roommates - I had one who had really long hair (think literally down to your butt), obviously, her hair was everywhere, but the place it always seemed to congregate was in the shower - to the point that the water wouldn't drain. What did she do? Remove the hair? NO - she literally started wearing flip flops in the shower instead of pulling her disgusting hair out!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

    1. Gross. I had a similar problem to, but her hair wasn't that long.


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