10 Things I LOVE About Being Single

9:30 AM

I really do love being single. Waking up in my twin bed early every morning to the cold air conditioned room, and to see one person beside me. That one person is no one other than my roommate, who sleeps in her own twin bed. I begin each day listening to "Treasure" by Bruno Mars.  Oh! It's no wonder I'm still single, indeed. I like my own space, I can get "ugly" whenever I want. Not one guy can see those moments. Let's enjoy these moment shall we.

1. Being alone. A girl needs her me time.

2. Liking as many guys as I want and not feeling guilty about it.

3. I can be selfish. All I care about is me, myself and no guy.

4. Not worrying about why he hasn't text back yet.

5. Never getting into any arguments because remember it's just me.

6. Spending more time with friends/family.

7. Learning wonderful things about myself. -Hint I like my own company

8. Learning the greatest thing about college life is staying single

9. I'm happy. I'm not in a sad relationship like some of the girls on campus.

10. Not having to waste tears over any guy.

The Most Important thing about being single is living it up!

What do you love about being single? 

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