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Tomorrow is Halloween and you still don't have a costume? Normally, this would be a great time to panic, but before you run to the costume store, did you know you may have a costume waiting in your closet? Just a few simple items you may already have could be put together to create a perfect Halloween costume, saving you a costly trip to the store. Check out these costume ideas.

Striped Shirts

Robin Thicke/Beetle Juice


A black and white striped shirt could be used for multiple costume ideas. If you have matching striped pants, then pair these two together and -wallah! You're now Robin Thicke! If you want to be a little scarier, add face paint and green hair dye and you can be Beetle Juice instead.



Grab your white and striped shirt, pair it with a pair of black pants (or other black bottoms), and some suspenders (optional). Use face paint to create your mime face.


If you have a red and white striped shirt, you can turn into Waldo for Halloween. Add a pair of blue jeans, a red and white hat and glasses. Now you're ready to be found.


Holly Golightly

This iconic image from Breakfast in Tiffany's is easy to replicate. Put your hair into a sock bun, add a few strands of pearls, a dainty crown, and a pair of gloves. Now you're ready for breakfast at Tiffany's. 

You can also use a black dress as the main piece for a witch or a nun costume. 

Marilyn Monroe


A white dress is the perfect piece to be Marilyn Monroe. Set your hair in curls, put on a bright red lip, and wear a cute white stiletto for this look. 

Black, Long Sleeve Shirt


Remember this red haired crime fighter? Now you can be here for Halloween. Add a pair of green cargo pants (khaki can do as well), a red wig and gloves. Now you're ready to save the world, after cheer practice of course.


Pair you're black shirt with black pants. Now grab your ninja sword and fight on! 


Olivia Pope 

You don't need designer clothes to look like Olivia Pope. Olivia's statement piece is a structured coat or blazer. Add a matching cute blouse, chic shoes to complete the outfit. For the hair, add a feathered bang in the front with loose curls, or opt for a low ponytail.

Anyone from The Matrix

Go for an all black look from head to toe. Black shades and a long trench coat really top this look off. Leather pieces preferred, but not required for this look.

Janelle Monae


If you have great tuxedo top or blazer, why not be electric lady Janelle Monae for Halloween? Just add a crisp white shirt, tie, and pair of killer heels (or oxfords) for the look. The one thing that will help identify your look is the hair. Build hair up to the top for a chic pompadour, Monae's signature hairstyle. A red lip and minimalist accessories help glam up this look.


A silky set of pjs are prefect for a TLC inspired look from their "Creep" video. The accessories and hair will be key to transforming into your preferred member.
There are endless possibilities waiting for you in your closet that may not be listed here. Just go through your wardrobe and let your creativity run wild. You never know what cool costumes you can come up with. You can also browse more looks in our previous post.

Have any other costume ideas that you may have in you closet? 

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  1. I love this! This year, I had NO idea what I was going to be when I had a party to go to on Saturday. Instead of focusing on the clothes, I just did my makeup to become a deer! And my boyfriend went as a hunter (he borrowed some camo from a friend). :) Another fun makeup idea is a cat. It's super easy. You can see both of my makeup looks on my instagram (

    xo Megan,

    1. Thanks Megan! Makeup can help you create a lot of cool Halloween looks. And your couple costume is so creative!

  2. Cute ideas! I love the tlc one--I was thinking about dressing as a lumberjack since I have a plaid shirt, combat boots and khakis laying around!

    Haley ;

  3. Another great closet costume is a flapper look! Just add the right accessories to any sparkly or fringed dress.



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