Annoying Things Most Roommates Will Do

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Some roommates are a disaster. However, some roommates are easy to get along with. Even though you may get along with your roommate, you may have those days that you wish you had a single room. Don't get me wrong, no roommate is perfect, but there are some habits that may get annoying after awhile.Take a look at the list below.
    • Roommate that sleeps with the T.V on at night.
    • Leaving hair in the shower drain.
    • Never restocking on the toilet paper. 
    • Making a lot of noise in the morning, while you're trying to sleep and they're getting ready for class.
    • Having friends over while you're trying to study.
    • Having a small room is just annoying period.
    • Having a roommate that never leaves the room. Sometimes you want the room to yourself.  
    • When your roommate is never there, you may wonder is it because you're the worst roommate ever. 
    • Talking loud on the phone
    • Leaving the air conditioner off, when you prefer it on or vice versa
    • Having random guests over late at night. 
    • Taking too long in the bathroom/ shower
        •   When your roommate goes home for the weekend, you have a little dance party.        

              • But when they return, you're sad again because you no longer have the room to yourself.
              • Taking a long time to take out the trash.
              •  Eating your food 

                • Having a roommate that stays up all night studying or etc, and leaving the lights on when you're trying to sleep

                 All in all, there will be somethings that will annoy the heck out of you when you have a roommate. Sometimes you just need your space and privacy. Just because your roommate may do annoying things that does not make them a worst roommate.
                  Comment Below and tells us some annoying things your roommate does. 

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                1. How about my first roommate that wouldn't throw the toilet paper in the toilet? Instead she would throw it in the trash can and stink up the whole apartment. GROSS!

                  1. EWW! That is sooo gross. I can't even imagine the smell.


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