We're Loving the Her Campus Survival Kit!

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Being a blogger definitely has its perks, but it's even better when you're a part of an awesome network like the Her Campus Blogger Network. The awesome ladies at Her Campus sent us a Back-to-School Survival Kit that included lots of great goodies from sponsors such as Poppin, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Neurosonic, Luna bar, and SK Energy. Of course, Her Campus gave us a few goodies of their own as well. 

We had a lot of supplies in our box from Poppin. They gave us a boatload of soft, blue notebooks and packs of matching blue gel pens. I checked their website and they have even more really cute supplies for school and your dorm in lots of fun bright colors. You can get $5 off your next purchase at Poppin by using code "Dormstyle" at check out.

Neuro SONIC gave us a pack of their drinks in wild berry. This drink is designed to increase alertness, sustain energy, and support mental performance making them perfect for study nights and cram sessions. They also have a variety of different drinks made to manage your hunger, sleep, and help you destress. 
My favorite part of this box were the Luna bars! My entire family loved and I had to bat them away more than once. I really need to grab a box or two of these. I literally have one  no more left in my part of the stash.

Chipotle gave us a buy one get one free coupon at their store, which means we get to pay a visit to the new location that just opened up in our city. We haven't gotten a chance to use it yet, but stay tuned to our instagram for pics of upcoming meal. But you can win a catering party from chipotle by texting DORM to 888222.

There was also a twelve pack case of  SK Energy Shots in orange. I'm sure we'll be using these for our morning classes and upcoming cram sessions. And they're small enough to keep in my purse! 
Small bottle with lots of energy!
 Her Campus gave us lots of stuff to rep them loud and proud. Included in the package were a Her Campus clipboard, a pack of pink pens, a Her Campus car decal, a Her Campus bag, and a procrastinating Audrey sticker.
Her Campus Swag
Will probably use this excuse in the near future
Thanks again to all of the sponsors for the great gifts, and especially to Her Campus for having us be apart of the team!

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  1. OH my goodness so many great products! I love it! I'd love to know how you like the energy 'shot'- I'm always looking for a good one of those ;) LOVE Neurowater and Luna bars, too! Great, great package!

    1. Thanks! I tried Luna bars before, but wasn't sold on them, but this really changed my mind. I'll have to try more of their flavors.

  2. Oh wow, what a great box of goodies. I LOVE Luna bars! and I'm an ink pen addict. I love pens and have them in all colors. What fun.
    Dawn ~Spatulas On Parade
    NC Rep for SGBC

    1. I'm thinking I'm a fan for Luna bars now. The only hing I really wanna get into now is that chipotle coupon I got. Would love to try them out. Thanks Dawn!

  3. Oh, I absolutely LOVE this for you, and if I was still in college, I'd want the same stuff... especially those beautiful little notebooks, pens and the Luna bars. All great things!

    1. Thanks Erin! These are still good items to buy even for those post college! Everyone needs some energy boosters, and these cute notebooks can be used for lots of stuff at home. Thanks for the visit!


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