Campus Feature: Darnell Bennett Photography

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Darnell Bennett in front of the camera
My first time meeting Darnell Bennett, I instantly loved his outspoken and fun personality. Despite his boisterous charisma, he has a serious passion for photography.  I asked him about his job as a photographer, and it gave me a new view on photography. 

What inspired you ?

What inspires me is looking at life from the perspective of how would this look as a photo.

Is it hard to manage your own business? 

 It's not extremely hard to manage my own business.I love the business side of things (Currently doing marketing for a restaurant in my town).

What do you like most about being a photographer? 

I love where photography can take you. It makes life into such an adventure, and I love being creative.

What do people usually say about your work?

 For the most part I usually get tons of compliments, at least to my face. I am humbled by the authentic support I receive from people though!!! The coolest part is that it's only the beginning!

 And what a great beginning this is for him. Take a look at some of his photos below. To contact him visit his Facebook Page.

In the future, I know who to call for wedding photos.

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