#ShyGirlProblems Everything Is Embarassing Part 1

5:25 PM

Usually, I steer away from posting about my personal life, but  I think I'm willing to take the risk. I recently met this guy who I will call Shy Boy.*  Shy Boy is cute, average height, and nice. I met him through a friend, and I was so happy that she invited him to dinner one day.
I didn't say much to him at dinner because he was talking to my friend, China* about class work . Next week I saw him again at a concert, I thought: "Here is my chance to use China as a wing-woman." After taking pictures with her at the concert, I looked through some photos on her phone. Scrolling through countless photos, I saw Shy Boy in a picture with her.  I went up to her and said:

"How come you didn't let me take a picture of you and Shy Boy?"

She looked down at the picture smile and grabbed my arm. "Come on let's go talk to him" China insists.

 "No!" I replied pulling away.

 "Come on Shannah, he's a sophomore too."  I felt nervous as  she pulled me down the aisle to meet him at the other end. Once we reached the other side, I knew I couldn't talk to him. So instead of running away from him like a chicken with my head cut off, I yelled to the first person I saw.

"Ryan!" I grabbed his arm and walked the other way. Ryan later  let go of my arm after China told Ryan she  wanted me to talk to Shy Boy. Afterward, I still did not go talk to Shy Boy. I couldn't. It was not the right moment.

How Would You Have Reacted If You Were In My Shoes? 

*Names are changed to protect the identities of the people involved.  

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  1. This could turn into a hit series. I see the potential…and oh how I loved college with all of the great experiences.

    1. Thank you! College experiences is one of the best topics to talk about :)


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