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Fashion has always been something I've admired, but haven't really been able to grasp. A I mentioned before, I'm tired of my just rolled out of bed style and this semester is the time for me to change it. In my quest to discover what works for me, I've found some awesomely stylish women to look to for inspiration. I look to these ladies for fashion tips, styling muses, and out of the box ways to mold my own style. Check em out.

Chriselle Lim of the ChriselleFactor

I  want to nominate Chriselle as the ambassador of chic. As a wardrobe stylist,Chriselle knows her way around the closet and gives people like me lots of tips on how to dress well. Whether it's how to layer, or getting the perfect arm candy, Chriselle is a great source for style inspiration. I especially love her YouTube channel where she uses creative videos to show her viewers everything from transitioning outfits, mixing prints, DIY projects and more.

Mattie James of Mattieologie

I discovered Mattie after Essence magazine named her one of their top 100 fashion bloggers and she deserves to be on the list. What I love about Mattie's style is that she's fearless. She's not afraid to bring out the colors and sequins or mix things up with unexpected combinations. I'm constantly on her site trying to find out what outfit she puts together. Mattie's also a testament that living a busy life is no excuse to not look great.

Jean of  Extra Petite

I found this petite beauty when I was working an office job. I liked how she always looked professional but always managed to add in her own style with cute colors and prints.I learned from her that getting the right fit can make or break an outfit. She's a big promoter of getting your items tailored to fit you best and thanks to her, I've finally gone to the petite section in stores! And if you can't afford the tailor, she's got plenty of DIY posts on her blog to help you along the way.

Ariel of Faintly Masculine
I was a serious tomboy in my early teens and thought baggy pants and big shirts were the only way to make that look work. Boy was I wrong. Ariel, pictured above, has a whole style blog on rocking menswear, but doing it in a cute, unexpected way.  If I'd had her style to look to back in middle school, I wouldn't have had to burn most of my pictures. She made me realize that adding masculine pieces can still be fashion forward. And please believe I will definitely be taking a lot of my  picture poses from her. FYI,she's only 5'0 but knows how to work a camera!

I'll be taking tips from these women and trying to incorporate some of their style into my own. Look forward to more frequent style posts soon.

 Who do you look to for your fashion inspiration? 

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