10 Things I HATE About Being Single

10:00 AM

Single by choice.. Just not my choice

As much as I love being single, I have to admit I hate being single sometimes. All a girl wants is to hold hands with a good smelling guy. I have those days that  I'm so pessimistic about love and relationships, you better stay far away from me. So here's to the single gals! It's time to celebrate why we hate being single sometimes.

1.The only good morning text I get is from my mom

2. Liking someone who doesn't know I exists.

 3.Seeing happy couples.

4.Liking a guy, but not sure about his sexuality.

5.Liking a guy that has a girlfriend is always tough.

6.I'm terrible at flirting

7.Seeing a girl who looks worst than me that has a boyfriend.

8.Stalking Looking on his Facebook/ Twitter page and reading his statuses to only find out that he's a complete jerk.

9.Realizing it may take a long, and I mean long, time before I get into a relationship.

10.College guys can really suck sometimes.

To sum it up about being single:  

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  1. Cute post. I love New Girl! And, hey, Jess DOES end up with a guy after two seasons. ;)

    1. Thanks for the comment. Maybe I will end up like Jess... Who knows.


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