Hottie On The Look Out: Michael B. Jordan

8:00 AM

 If it wasn't for the BET Awards show, I would have never known about Michael B Jordan. Seeing him standing there presenting an award with Forest Whitaker made me want to attack the T.V. He has the sexiest lips and nice brown skin. 

Unfortunately, I think he has a girlfriend, but if he was single I would ... well you get the point. Michael B. Jordan has a lot of potential to be the next big actor . He blew critics away with his performance in Fruitvale Station. He is also in a upcoming movie called The Awkward Moment alongside Zac Efron. If only I can meet a guy in college that looks similar to him. Oh well, I can always Google his images until I find that guy.

What Michael B. Jordan Look For In A Girl: Ladies Listen Up!

"I’m a sucker for eyes, and yes butts. I said it, I’m a proud Black man.”

 “My turn-ons cute feet, a woman who will take my plate after I’m finished eating — the little things — whispering Spanish or any foreign language in my ear.”  J'taime baby!

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