Kahi is Back With New Single "It's Me"

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I love Kahi! She is my favorite K-pop singer, rapper, and leader. After leaving  the group After School, Kahi started to take the solo route. Which wasn't a shabby idea! She released a song and video "Come Back You Bad Person" back in 2011.
After the release of  the song and mini album she disappeared from the music business for a while. Two years later, and she's back better than ever. She recently released "It's Me" featuring Dumbfounded. I love the video. I can't believe she's 32 years old because she looks so young. 30 must be the new 20 because she dances in the video like a 20 year old. In fact, I think she has more energy than me. If you're not familiar with Kahi, many of you would quickly say that she's copying Ciara. In Kahi's case, she's not. Kahi has always been know as a great dancer. Although, I will admit Kahi's new hair color which is brown, and hairstyle is  similar to Ciara. Other than, that the comparisons stop there. I would put up the music video, but I like the choreography so much that  I want you all to see its awesomeness. So check out Kahi's performance of "It's Me". The choreography is much like Beyonce's "Single Ladies", but it's on a whole different level.

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