I Secretly Wish For A Guy Like Gordo from Lizzie McGuire

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Lizzie McGuire was my favorite show growing up. I used to watch the show 24/7 on Disney Channel. I wanted my middle school year's to be similar to Lizzie. Okay- maybe not being tormented by Kate Sanchez, but living Lizzie's life in middle school would be  pretty awesome to me.
The one reason I liked the show was because of the character Gordo, Lizzie's best friend who has a secret crush on her. It was apparent to the viewers from the first season that Gordo liked Lizzie. I would often dream of having that guy. I would love for a guy, as cute as Gordo was, to like me the way he liked Lizzie. Who can forget the episode when Lizzie got her heart broken and Gordo was right there comforting her.

Gordo was smart, funny, cute, and empathetic. I knew at a young age I would find a guy like Gordo. However, when I entered middle school and even high school I failed to meet that guy. I had my guesses of guys that probably secretly liked me the way Gordo secretly liked Lizzie, but they all seemed to lack something. Either they were to shy to admit they liked me, or they would soon move on from me.

  I guess Lizzie McGuire is like most Disney production movies, it gives girls false hopes on what to expect in guys. Like Cinderella meeting Prince Charming, we all know Prince Charming is not easy to spot. Prince Charming may not be good looking, or tall. That same principle can be applied to girls, like me,wanting a Gordo. Maybe Gordo exists in a different way. He may not be your best friend that secretly likes you. He may be the guy you never met in your Acting class. I'm no longer looking for a Gordo because I can't expect every guy to be similar to the ones on T.V. Who knows, maybe the guy I will meet will be better than Gordo.

This one scene made me gush! And love Gordo even more:

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