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I rarely have time to watch TV like I used to because of my hectic schedule. That's why I'm getting really picky on what shows I'm spending time watching now. Some shows that I included in my must watch list a while ago, are now in my trash list. I'll also show a few shows you can catch up on as well.


This show is just what I needed to fill the hole Game of Thrones left me with. The story follows Kate, a nurse who is on her honeymoon with her husband after WWII ends and suddenly finds herself transported back to the 18th century through magic. Now she has to survive in her new setting and find her way back to her time.
Kate's personality is what I really like about this show. She's smart, fierce, and brave -aspects I look up to in my lead women. Her story is interesting as well-how the heck is she going to get back to her own time? And will she end up with one of the hot guys in her new century? Unless I get the book series, I'll be tuning every Saturday to Starz to find out.

Orange is the New Black
I finished the new season the second week it was released. I absolutely love shows that actually give their characters dimension, and this show is filled with dozens of different characters and personalities that keep me hooked. While I do want to know what happens with Piper and her crazy love triangle with Alex and her fiance what's his face (he's not really important), I also enjoy getting insight into the lives of the other characters. If you haven't been swept up into the hype with this show, then it's probably time that you did. You can catch up with this show on Netflix.

Penny Dreadful
I would always see my twitter feed flood with tweets about this show after GOT ended and wondered what was the deal with Penny Dreadful. After my trip, I decided to binge on the series and now I see what the hype is all about. This show brings together horror's classics most famous names, like Frankenstein, together to help support a new story of love and lost. It's filled with supernatural occurrences, a lot of twists, and an interesting story line. If you're into that, then this series will be a great one to keep on your must watch list. You can catch up with this series on Showtime onDemand or tune in online.

I wasn't expecting much from this show  when I saw the previews, but I was pleasantly surprised after watching the first episode of this show. The series revolves around Ghost, a notorious drug dealer in New York who's looking to reform his life and go legit, but there are forcs working against him keeping him in the game. The characters in this story is what really gets me, especially Ghost. I understand his struggling with wanting to do good, but you can clearly see why it's not so easy for him to get on the straight and narrow path. There are so many stories that intertwine in this series also that keep me watching. And seeing Omari Hendricks shirtless is never a bad idea. You can catch up with the series on onDemand on Starz, and stay tuned for the next season.

Have you been keeping up with any of these shows? Will you check any of them out? What shows are you hooked on this season? 

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  1. I've been hearing about The Outlander a lot and I really need to add it to my list to look up and watch. Now you have truly intrigued me with penny Dreadful another one I will have to check out for sure.

    1. I watched the whole season of Penny Dreadful in two days, and really love it! I've always been interested in shows with a supernatural twist and this had me hooked. And give Outlander a try as well! The buzz it's been receiving is really worth it.

  2. Oh wow OITNB is my all time favorite show! I could not leave my computer until I was finished with it. I am currently hooked on Once Upon a Time.. I'm almost done w Season 1!

    1. I want to get into Once Upon a Time, but can't find the first season to catch up. I'll have to see if Netflix has it.

  3. I've heard such great things about Outlander. I need to watch it. I just binged watched an entire season of Witches of East End on Sunday.

  4. I am tryin to get into OISTB but having a hard time. I keep hearing I need to give it a second chance. Maybe I will.

  5. I haven't heard about the last two! Must look into them!

  6. I'm dying to see the Outlander series. I never was into the books, but maybe seeing the show will change that. I love Orange is the New Black. One of my absolute faves! I binge on those shows as soon as they hit Netflix. Penny Dreadful looks awesome! I've heard about it, but not a whole lot. I definitely want to check it out.

  7. My best friend has been talking about wanting to watch Penny Dreadful, but we probably won't unless it becomes available on Netflix. Speaking of Game of Thrones, I need to catch up on that show!!

    1. It's worth a watch! It'll most likely make it's way there before the new season comes


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