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My shopping experiences is completely different this year in college than last year. One of the main reasons why is because I'm living off campus. Now I have to buy all the essentials I need for an apartment. It is pretty stressful thinking of all the items I need to make my apartment complete. Here are a list of items I purchased for my apartment.

Twin Bed- The most important thing I needed was a twin bed. A girl needs her beauty rest. I also purchased another set of twin sheets
Pink Shower Curtains looks great!
A little bit of everything. My mini computer desk, iron, and wash towels .

Shower Curtain, lining and Hooks - It took forever to find the shower lining and hooks. Once I found them, I immediately packed them up. The curtain goes with the theme of my bathroom, which is pink!

Iron/Mini Iron Board- Of course I needed an iron to iron all my clothes. I can't believe I went two years in school without an iron. Thankfully, I have one this school year.

Bathroom Cleaning Products- A bathroom isn't complete unless it's clean. A weird fact about me, I love to keep a clean bathroom. I can be a complete germaphobe about a bathroom.

Pots/ pans/ silverware- Since I'm living off campus, that means no meal plan. I will have to start cooking my own food. I think I'm a decent cook, but I'm not fond of cooking for myself more often than before.

Computer Desk- I managed to find a cheap $10 mini computer desk.

Paper/ Binder- Although I was busy buying things for the apartment, I also needed to buy a few school supplies such as paper and a binder. 

Brita®- My roommates bought a Brita's water pitcher, and it is probably one of the best things we came up with. Our water is much more crispier than bottler water. I find it very useful on a hot summer day. Sometimes it's nice to have a cold glass of water. It's available at Target.

What's on Your Back To School Shopping List?

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