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One of the main questions I get asked by people who find out about my trip to South Korea is "How was the food". And my answer is always the same -Great! The food is actually one of the things I miss the most about Korea. Of course I can go to any Korean restaurant nearby and order almost all the same things, but it's not the same-especially not the prices. I was quite the food photographer on my trip and tried to snap as many pics of the meals my friends and I ordered to share with you. So hold your drool, and behold the wonder and glory of the foods of Korea! 

Western Inspired dishes
Just like we have Chinese and Korean restaurants in the states, there are many western options in Korea. I tried to stay away from these places to be honest. I felt as if I could get the same foods back at home without a problem, so I only ventured here when pressed for time or with friends who had limited options to eat because of their diet or stomachs.

Bulgogi(beef) Burger, fries, and chicken tenders from Lotteria. Think Korean McDonald's. Not exactly western,but close enough. 
Dainty sandwiches from Paris Baguette. We were given these and a drink on our long field trips. 

Pizza from Yonomaja. Think it was Mozzarella and tomato ...

Bulgogi Pizza

Oreo Patbinsu with rice cake and frosted flakes on the top

There were so many sweet treats and foods that I wish I could take back home! My favorite is Patbingsu, a sweet cold treat very popular during this hot, humid weather. It's made with blend shaved ice and rice cake topped with a variety of items such as fresh fruit, ice cream, cake bits, or cookies. It tasted a lot like ice cream, most of the time. I hope I can find it locally.

Lime ade, and caramel ice cream churros from Churro Story. Eat there if you're ever in Korea.
Last dessers in Korea. Caramel Frappuchino, Cheese Cake Bingsu honey bread, and a coffee.

Beans Bins's waggle! Hot waffle topped with fresh fruit, whipped cream, and powdered sugar!

A look inside Paris Paguette. The cakes in Korea are way less sugary than in America.

Korean Dishes

When in Korean, do as the Koreans do. I wanted to get the full experience in Korea, so I tried to order as many different Korean meals as possible. Korean dishes are served with an army of side dishes which you'll see in the pictures, and many of the foods where supposed to be shared., such as the meals you'll see still cooking on the tables. Here's most of the things I (and my friends) ate while abroad. 
Kimchi soup. Kimchi, meat, potatoes, and veggies.

Kimchi jigae or Kimchi Soup is actually my favorite Korean dishes! I usually don't like Kimchi alone, but in this spicy soup, it's amazing! Especially on the days when my nose was stuffy. This dish was usually served single serving, so I had it all to myself. Yay!

The SLS Abroad
Samsun Jajangmyeun
The pictures may not be appealing to all, but Samsun Jajanmyen, or seafood black bean noodles, was the bomb! I only ate this dish once, but really enjoyed it. The sauce kind of reminded me of barbecue sauce, and there was a mix of seafood in the dish. I was kind of suspicious that there would be octopus or squid in my dish, but I didn't notice it until I got the bottom of the bowl. It was great.

ramen,spam,veggies,and bulgogi. I got a little sick from this meal ...I blame the spam.
spicy pork

These were actually the only two dishes I remember hating in Korea. The one on the right is a Vietnamese Seafood Pho dish I experimented with. It was my first time eating Vietnamese and I wasn't really happy with the end result. I picked off my friends plate between forcing myself to chug this down. I didn't finish and vowed not to get again. The next day we went to a restaurant we frequented a lot and I ordered another spicy seafood dish. I thought it would be spicy version of Samsun jajangmyeun, but this came out instead. I was very disappointment. I stopped ordering seafood.

Bibimbap. Either served cold or hot, this dish was a safe choice for anyone not used to Korean food. It's rice served with vegetables, an egg, and chilli sauce. You can add meat to the dish if you want.
Spicy pork and rice
Chicken bowl at My My's Chicken
Omurice- rice wrapped around an egg, drizzled in chees
Anju-drinking side dishes. L-R Fried egg, yummy little chip things, and bug larvae. I ate all but the last one.
Spicy pork and rice
fried pork and rice
Korean BBQ! Hell yea!

BBQ pork and ginger chicken. The picture isn't good, but the food was great!

There were lots of other foods I ate in Korea, but this is just the meals I actually remembered to get picks of. When you're hungry, pictures kind of take a back seat . . .
If you know the names of the foods I've pictured, but didn't name, please let me know in the comments!

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  1. I love, love, love Korean food. That's the major perk of living in Korea Town - it's so plentiful! I can't get over the tiny side dishes. And there are always a ton of them.

    1. Yes, so many of them! I always feel bad when I can't or don't eat everything, but it's always too much!

  2. This all looks & sounds so enticing! When my bro lived in Washington DC I visited and we ate at a different cultural restaurant every night. We hit a Korean place my first night there and it was really, really good.

  3. I am so hungry after looking at these photos! i am sorta like a foreign food freak since i love to try out new foods from different cultures. My little boy is the same. Instead of rice and beans he wants Chinese and such! The waggle looks so good!!!

    1. Ha, thank you! The waffle was greate, and I wish I could get more to eat soon, but all the local Korean restaurants are really pricey. Glad to hear you all like experimenting with food as well!


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