Hyuna's "Red" Is Twerkalicious!

10:00 AM

Happy Friday folks! I thought since it's Friday, and we're all happy for the weekend that I will do a music review of Hyuna's "Red." I'm not a fan of the song, but the video is a standout. I got to give it to Hyuna, she may have Popsicle songs, but her music videos are legendary.  She always knows how to make a music video that keeps us talking.  Side note* I want to to applaud her for improving her live performances. She seems more confident on stage then ever!

Back to the music video, Hyuna is twerking y'all. Some of her twerking moves would have been good... if she had a butt. I'm serious, if Hyuna had a butt like Beyonce' then her booty shaking moves would be the copy of the world.  If y'all thought Miley Cyrus twerking was a joke then you really should see Hyuna and her back up dancers struggle to shake their butts. I was told I had a flat butt so that's why I wouldn't dare think about twerking, but seeing Hyuna and Miley Cyrus shake their flat butts gives me hope. They're representing the flat butt community. The only reason I don't like the song because it doesn't sound as good as her other music. I don't know why, but I just can't get into it like I really want to.

Tell Me What You Think of The Song and Video?


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