Stresses of Being a College Student.

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The below post was written in March.  At first I was thinking about deleting  the post because my life has made a complete change since writing the post. However I decided that I will publish this because it may help other college students who maybe dealing with the same obstacles.

 As a college junior, I have many worries and anxieties that plague me. No more do I have to worry about being accepted into a school. Instead, I have to worry about staying in school. Each college student at some point has to face some amount of stress each year. Here are a few of mine.

Paying For School.
Not everyone will get a scholarship. I sure didn’t, and I considered myself a smart student. The straight A’s I got senior year in high school meant nothing because I was one of the unique individuals who did poorly on my standardized tests. So scholarships were a flat out "no" because many of them required an essay, a good GPA, and a high ACT score. Two out of three ain't bad, right?  The only option for me to afford school was  student loans.  As of now, I’m afraid to view the amount of money I owe. I’ll wait until I graduate. I’m still looking for scholarships because maybe a miracle will happen and I will be able to get one. 

Living On Campus
 I can’t afford to live off campus, so living on campus is a safe bet for me. However, each year the housing department has limited amount of space left. So what’s left for a college student to do? Wake up extra early in the morning and stand in a long line and sign up for a spot. If there are no spots left, then I will have to sign up for the waiting list. This year I’m more lost than ever because I’m unsure if I want to continue my education at the school that I’m currently attending. I woke up one morning and downloaded the magic eight ball app looking for guidance.

Spring Semester.
I needed to pay off my thousand dollar debt that I owed the school before I could register for classes in spring. By January, I managed to lower the debt to three hundred dollars. The problem was I didn’t have the money.  Classes were about to begin soon, and the classes I really needed for my major were filled. The day before classes started, my mom helped pay off the debt.  Thankfully, I got all the classes I needed.

 Registering For Classes.
 My first two years in college I didn’t have a problem with registering for classes. However this past school year, I’ve been struggling to register. Now that I’m in my major courses, I’m finding it harder to get the classes I want before the classes are filled. I remember registering for speech class thirty minutes before the class started because someone dropped the class that morning. I also emailed professors asking them to open a spot for me.

This Year's Pressure

As I’ve said before, I’m unsure about transferring. I also cannot do early registering for the upcoming fall semester because of a hold on my account. I really wish a miracle could happen. I’m not giving up because I’ve come too far.        


It's funny reading this post now. I'm not transferring, I also registered for all my classes, and I'm living off-campus with friends. I never thought I would be where I am. I'm glad I didn't give up. I'm one of the few college students who's looking forward to a brand new school year because I really didn't think I was coming back.

Tell me the stresses you face as a college student?

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