Someday My Fitz Will Come

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Have you ever made a post that never got to exactly where you wanted it, but couldn't bring yourself to delete it? I wrote this post before the last season of Scandal aired, and I honestly still feel the same way. So although it maybe a little late, here are my thoughts on Olivia Pope and President Fitzgerald.

I love almost everything about Scandal. The unpredictable story line, the characters, the clothes and more.  But if the there is one thing that I hate about this show that usually gets me side eyed by fellow gladiators is the Fitz and Liv relationship. I thought that having their relationship was just going to be a story builder to the plot that would help  Liv's character evolve, but didn't see it as being Liv's biggest pitfall. The fact that she's sprung on the president is her Achilles heel. A powerful, beautiful, attorney running things in DC but just can't seem to tear herself away from Fitz. And I don't know why. He's not good looking (even though Mr.Pres has abs for days), he doesn't treat her or anyone in his family right, and some of the love scenes between the two look more like rape than raging desire.

 Honestly don't see why this relationship is so appealing to some women. Maybe the whole idea of a forbidden love affair gets people off or they just want Liv to be happy. I don't know what it is that floats these people's boats, but it isn't for me.

I honestly believe the reason Liv  is so hooked on Fitz has nothing to do with the D, but her own problems. Olivia has no social life at all. All she does is work all day and go back to her home and drink herself into a coma wondering why she can't get the man that she wants. The man who has broken too many promises, given too many lies, and seeks to have all the women in his life stuck to him forever. Did I mention that Fitz has a really screwed up sense of priorities.  You would think that the leader of the free world would have the common courtesy to actually do his job instead of wasting tax payers money to escort his mistress to secret hideaways so he can get it in for the night. He's a shit president, a shit husband, and a shit boyfriend to Olivia. 

What Olivia needs isn't Fitz, but a life. A social life outside of her job. Have you ever really seen Olivia hang out with friends (not including her frenemy Cyrus)? Have you seen her go to a movie? Read a good book? It's time that Olivia actually got out there and did something more productive with her life and moved on. I was honestly thinking that she had finally conquered her feelings and was moving on from Fitz after the two had spent 10 months apart and were seemingly moving on, but she let him back in. You cannot move on from an ex if you are constantly  mourning your past relationship and burying your issues with wine and your work.  These are just distractions that push the problem back but doesn't solve them. Get a new hobby. See a therapist. Join Please, do anything to get your self out of this Fitz sized rut cause this guy does not deserve you.

Am I the only one who has a problem with the Fitz/Olivia relationship in Scandal? Tell me you hate or love their relationship in the comments below. 

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