That Moment When Toilet Water Is On Your Side of The Dorm Room

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If there was one moment that I could go back  and prevent from happening, it would be sophomore year after Thanksgiving break. After unpacking clothes, I went into the bathroom only to notice there was less water in the toilet than usual. I decided to flush the toilet to make sure it was working properly. That was a huge mistake. The water began to rise and  started to flow out of the toilet.

 I ran into my room and grabbed my laptop and placed it on my bed because the water was flowing into my dorm room. The water would not stop. I called my mom for help, and she told me to turn the knob on the side of the toilet to stop the water. It worked! The water stopped and went everywhere in my dorm. The water was up to my ankles. The weirdest part about the incident was the water was on my side of the dorm and not my roommate's. Her side of the room was closer to the bathroom than mine, but not a drop of water touched it.

To make a long story short, I spent three hours cleaning up the mess. The room took forever to dry, and some of my books were wet.  The only good thing that came from the incident was my knowledge about toilets. I learned not to flush a toilet when the water is low.  If you ever experience toilet water rising, don't run out of the bathroom like I did. Turn the knob on the side of the toilet to stop it!

Seriously, there should be classes in college that teach the basics of toilets and cars.

What Moment You Wish You Can Go Back And Stop?

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