Fighting Tigers and Belgium Waffles 7/12

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Saturday morning was another exciting adventure in Ulsan. We met a student named MJ who is set to come to AUM for this upcoming school year. All the AUM students decided to meet her on Saturday and she took us out for lunch so we could get to know each other and prepare her for life in Montgomery. During the convo we ended up telling her all the fun things to do in Montgomery or the surrounding areas and were actually surprised that we could think of so many. I guess growing up in the city makes you forget all the good things to do. After the meal we grabbed a drink at the book store and talked a little bit more before ending our meeting. Everyone had something to do , so we parted ways and planned to do something another day.

L-R Kerry, Me, MJ, Zaneta
Later that night, I went to my first ever soccer game. I'm not a sports fan at all, but I was down for a new experience. A good bit of UIP students who wanted to see the game walked about 20mins to the stadium to see Ulsan Hyundai play. We quickly toured the stadium museum before being seated for the game. I ended up getting really tired during the game (you know how sleep just crashes into you when you least expect) and ended up sitting next to people I hadn't hung out with before. I was not really in the mood for convos anyway, but I still felt like the exhausted, odd girl out. At least the game was entertaining and easier to follow than I thought. Our goalie was amazing and had some impressive blocks. Too bad our team wasn't at it's best,and we lost 2:0. Afterwards was a much shorter trek to school and I was back in good company.
Impromptu Selfie
This guy showed up to the game

and so did he

The students and staff split up to find food and my group and I weren't extremely hungry. We saw a great shop that served Belgium waffles and fruit/icecream and decided to give it a try. I am so glad that we did. This tasted even better than it looks!! We're planning to go back soon before our time in Ulsan is up.

If you're ever in Asia and see this place, go.

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