Sistar's "Touch My Body" May Be My Summer Anthem

2:00 PM

Remember when I went on a rant about not finding a summer anthem? I was so upset about not finding the one perfect summer song that I settled for songs in the past. Well I spoken too soon because Sistar "Touch My Body," lifted me from my summer slump. When I first heard the song, I just knew I wouldn't like it, but then the song continued. I slowly started to fall for the song and the video.

 The video is colorful, which is perfect for the summer. The girls are dancing around a pool. Sistar might be afraid to get their hair wet, so they dance around a pool to look cool. If only my summers were half as fun as this music video. Anyway, all the girls look amazing, even Hyolyn. I don't know why, Hyolyn always looked kind of mean to me, but the girl can sing.  I love their outfits and the choreography was simple but cute.

What is Your Summer Anthem?


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