Perfect Views at Ulgi Lighthouse and Daewangam Park

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My friend Marysia invited me and my roommate out to see the Pine Forest and Ulgi Lighthouse* in Busan. We had thought it was going to be us three girls, with Marysia being the guide since she knows the most Korean. But two others joined us along the way and our real guide, Gunn, met us at the bus stop.

The ride to Busan was supposed to have been an hour long, but didn't feel like it at all. Maybe because we took a taxi halfway instead of transferring buses.

The Pine Forest was beautiful. I also experienced my first squatter toilet here, which really isn't a pleasant experience. They place a roll of tissue right beside the bathroom entrance and you have to squat to do your business. The smell was horrible and I tried to breath as little as possible while I was in there.
My first squatter toilet

After walking through the Pine Forest for a good bit, we came towards the Ulgi lighthouse and finally got a full view of the sea and surrounding mountains. There was sea as far as you could see and we took tons of photos. Gunn was a gracious guide and was very patient with us when we constantly stopped to take photos.

There was so much walking to do! I honestly believe I'll have legs like Serena Williams when I get home from all the walking we do. We spent a little time on the beach and Gunn took us to a local restaurant to eat.
We had a great time at the Lighthouse and Pine Forest, and ended up making a new friend.

People put these locks on the gate with their loved ones. Kind of like the Locks of Love in N Seoul Tower or the  Love Lock Bridge in France.

Daewangam Rock

The Lighthouse

A dragon slide at the entrance of the Pine Forest

A little  Patbingsu after our walk
Really bright love hotel

*I mistakenly named the lighthouse we visited the Haeundae Lighthouse when it was actually the Ulgi Lighthouse

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