Are You Thirsty, or Nah?

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Thirst sign: Going to the Extremes for a stranger
This new epidemic of Thirst has ruined friendships and stopped a few great relationships from forming. People are scared to approach each other people for fear they'll be called thirsty by their friends, or love interest meaning people are too afraid to even make any move. It seems being thirsty is any action that shows you're interested in someone from smiling before you speak to saying hello. If everyone is scared to make the first move, how the hell are people are going to get together? First off let's take a look at what describes as thirst:

A form of lust of or want of members of the opposite sex. This term can refer to both males and females
Someone who is desperate. A thirsty person is constantly looking for a person to date.

For the sake of the matter, let's just stick with the latter description, which describes a thirsty person as desperate. This person is usually seen "doing the most" to get another person's attention either in real life or online. Since the line between showing interest in someone and being thirsty is often confused, we thought it would be a good idea to show you a few examples of what is and is not Thirst. Welcome to "Thirsty, or Nah". 

Warning: Some of the following pictures are NSFW.

Instagram Crimes
Instagram is the top leading social site for thirst related offenses and its obvious why. Men and women post pictures in angles or situationss that showcase their body in a sexualized manner, manytimes on purpose, which elicit desperate reactions from strangers. This occurrence is commonly called a thirst trap, a tool both men and women use to gain more attention online. We'll demonstrate the common actions on instgram and separate them from thirsty to nah.

Its not a crime to follow someone you like on Instagram. Go ahead and follow him, like a few pictures, and even send a comment or two. These are all normal and don't equal to thirst and can maybe even be conversation starters. If anything, it will move him to remember your name and check out your page.

Thirst Verdict: Nah

Women Crush Wednesday and Man Crush Monday are days instagram users take to shout out their friends and crushes on instagram. This is probably one of the only acceptable times to actually post another persons pic on your stream and let everyone know you think they are gorgeous. Just be sure not to take notes from Champaigne Papi (Drake) and limit your post to only ONE post of that person for the day, and for a few months because multiples will make you look like a stalker. Unless you're already dating/married them.

The Inbox: 
This is relatively new to Instagram, but the thought remains the same. A lot of people feel free to unleash their inner naughty girl/guy when in boxing others because they think everything will be private. Sending him nudes in his inbox,and writing explicit messages such as this under his pictures is thirst. Do not stoop to this level of dehydration and keep your comments (and nudes) to yourself!

Thirst Verdict: Dehydration

Are there any actions of thirst we missed and need to add when it comes to Instagram? Have you has any encounters with thirsty
All photos taken from Instagram

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