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A picture of me from my 21st birthday, and yes that is Tara in the background she is a great photo bomber.

I'm not trying to brag about my life at all. I simply wanted to do a post about the best moments I've experiences in life now that I'm 21. When I'm feeling down I can always count on the negative voices to take over. Sometimes I can never see the good things that has happen in my life. Today, I'm going to take control of the negative thoughts and think of all the good things that has happen in my life so far.

1.  Growing Up With Amazing Cousins

I'm the only child. I bet you can imagine how lonely my life was growing up. However, the first nine years of my life with my cousins were the best. We were so close. I thank God they were in my life during that time. I will never forget the wonderful summers we've spent together, the constant sleepovers, and playing outside until it get's too dark. Even though I didn't have sisters and brothers, each of my cousins played a special role in my life. Me and my older cousin would often dress alike. She took the big sister role in my life during that time. I will never forget those years because they were the best years of my life. 

2. Going to Disney World

When I was in the fifth grade one of my friends invited me to go to Disney World with her. We went during spring break and it was fun. I always wanted to go to Disney World. I was thankful that I went and had a great time. I will never forget the long lines we stood in, the food, and  taking pictures with Minnie Mouse.

3. Graduating High School

Graduating high school was bittersweet. Spending 13 years of my life in school almost didn't seem real when it came to an end on graduation day. I've attended 6 different school during my time in school. I 'm glad I graduated on time, and  met amazing people throughout my school years.

4. Going To College
Attending a college football game is always fun.

Going to college was pretty nerve wreaking at first. At first I didn't like college because I couldn't meet anyone, but once I've met a few people in school I begin to like it. I had some wonderful memories of college that I will always recall.

5. Receiving Work study

I did not expect to get work study while in college because everyone told me it was hard to get. One day I went to the financial aid office asking about a grant. The conversation then switch to work study and she told me about an open position.  I took it! I was happy to work  because I really needed the money.

6. Drivers License

Even though I graduated high school and begin college, I still didn't have my drivers license. I finally got my license at the tender age of 19. I was so happy when I finally got it.

7. Going To Pensacola With Tara and Friend.

Wonderful time on the beach. This is my first time sharing this picture.
 The summer after my freshman year of college Tara invited me  and another friend to go to Pensacola with her. We spent three days there and it was so much fun. We went to a military party and it was interesting. I'm not going to say anything negative about military men.  It was a great escape from Alabama.

8. Bruno Mars Concert
Bruno Mars was so amazing! Love him

When Bruno Mars gave an amazing performance at the Super Bowl this year, I wasn't surprise because I saw him live three years before the Super Bowl. The concert took place right before high school graduation, and I beg my mom to buy the tickets. It's not everyday a top singer performs in Montgomery. Bruno Mars was great, and he sounds the same live.

9. Going Shopping With My Aunt Loris

One of my favorite shopping buddies is my Aunt Loris. I love going shopping with her because she's patient and she buys me clothes. She like my second mom. She can really spoil me with amazing shopping trips.

10. Winning My Laptop

The laptop that I'm typing on right now was a free gift. My history teacher from high school gave this to me. Me along with four other kids in high school won a free laptop. The students had no idea about the  giveaway just the teachers. My history teacher insists that I should win one of  the laptops and I did.

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