Jessie Ware's "Tough Love" M/V

12:00 PM


 When I first discovered Jessie Ware I wanted to blog about her instantly. The only problem, her song "Wildest Moments" was too old to do a blog spotlight on. So I had to wait patiently until  she release newer music to talk about her awesomeness. Although I did feel special when I heard "Wildest Moments" play on Iyanla Fix My Life commercial and on Being Mary Jane. "Tough Love" is a sweet tune. I'm glad that she's sticking with the R&B sound because it really suits her. Jessie Ware will take you back to Sade. In fact I remember reading a comment saying she sounds like Sade 2.0. The beat of the song reminds me of a Prince 80's music production.  The song will be feature on her sophomore album Tough Love. 

Tell me your thoughts of the song in the comment section

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