Fun Way To Discover If He Likes You

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When I was in the fifth grade a group of girls told me a cool way to discover if a guy likes you back. The best part, I didn't have to asked the guy. All I needed to know was his first and last name. To this very day, I play this silly game to find out my "fate" with a crush. Unfortunately the results never ruled in my favor.  It's  a pretty fun game to play. I don't always believe the results, but sometimes I believe I'm doomed either ways. I thought it would be cool if I tell you the silly little elementary game I've been playing. Some of you may know the game.  

Rule 1: First thing you need is the guy's first and last name. You also need to write down your first and last name.

Example: Ryan Gosling

Shannah Thames

Rule 2: Cross out all the letters you two have in common.

Example: R Y G O L I G


These are the remaining letters me and Ryan Gosling do not have in common.

Rule 3: Say:  Love, Hate, Marriage, Friendship until the end of the last letter in each name.

Example R( Love) Y (Hate) G (Marriage) O (Friendship) L(Love) I (Hate) G (Marriage) = Ryan Gosling wants to marry me! Now let's see if I feel the same way.

H (Love) H (Hate) T (Marriage) H (Friendship) M (Love) E (Hate) = I Hate Ryan Gosling

Now, you see I can never get the results I want. Either He loves me and I hate him. It's a fun game to play either ways.  Try it, if you dare.

What Games Did You Play To Discover If Your Crush Liked You Back? 

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