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This is dinner that I made myself. With only a few ingredients.

Hi everyone this is Shineh, and I will give you a recipe to a simple dish.So simple that a caveman could do it! (That was a joke, corny I know). I will call this Crab Meat with Michelina's Noddles. Clever huh?  What you will need is:

    Crab Meat (Of Course) ~$6
    Michelina's Penne Alfredo ~ $1
    Broccoli ~$3

In a pot of boiling water, (use about 1/3rd cup of water) you will plac half a pack of broccoli. You want the broccoli to steam, so 5- 8 minutes should do it.

On a separate pan that is preheated with olive oil or any other type of oil, place the crab meat in it. After, gently placing the Michelina's Penne Alfredo into the pan (You can find this in the frozen dinner aisle of any store)  make sure the frozen dinner is is thawed, and stir it together before placing it in the pan. Next, you want to place the broccoli in the pan. Stir all the ingredient together. Cook for 8 minutes.

See how simple that was! Not only was it simple, but it was cheap . Who knew that a frozen dinner can create different types of dishes!

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