Nicki Minaj Needs Help!

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Nicki Minaj needs our help! Remember when Nicki deleted her Twitter page and said a voice in her head told her to do it. "Voices?". This made me think - maybe Nicki does need psychiatric help. Let's take a look at her past history and see just where she may need help.
The lyrics below come from her verse of Ludacris's song "My Chick Bad." In the video, she is in a chair  tied down with Freddie Krueger claws. Okay, so basically she will hunt you in your dream, much like Kruger does:

"1,2 Nicki is coming for you. 3, 4 hide your wigs under the floor."

 Now if that's not a cry for help, I don't what is. She even says: "It's Friday the Thirteenth and guess who's playing Jason". Very creepy! So basically Nicki's  is a stalker and will do the slow creepy walk that Jason does in his movie's, and Nicki will kill you much like Jason does.(Even if you are not a threat). She goes on to say. "Trash talk to them and I put them in a Hefty". (Which means she knows how to kill people and get away with it)

 I don't know about you, but in the words of Antoine Dawson: Hide you kids, hide you wives because Nicki is killing everyone up in here.

Why oh why Nicki? She is almost 30 years old and dresses like a 10 year old. Think! What grown woman calls herself a Barbie? She even lied about her age when she first came into the music industry saying she was born in 1984 when she was really born in 1982. So now I see we are dealing with a stalker who will kill you like Freddie Kruger and Jason and is in denial of her age. (This makes me think of the movie "The Orphan". Remember how the girl lied about her age?) So Nicki is a killer that can kill in multiple ways.

And what about these different alter egos she has?

Roman Zolanski is Nicki Minaj's twin brother that lives inside of her, and only comes our when she is anger

Martha Zolanski is Romans mother with a British accent. She appeared in Nicki Minaj's video "Moment 4 Life" MV as the fairy godmother. She's even been reported to have other personalities that she will reveal to fans.

All these multiple personalities are hard to keep up with. If I ever interview Nicki Minaj, I wonder who I will be talking to?

Look, I am not a psychiatrist, but we can help Nicki Minaj out. Nicki if you are reading this. We recommend that you go to The Retreat at Sheppard Pratt. Look Nicki, each patient gets it's own individual help, and they will help diagnose you and give you the right kind of medication you need. Nicki it is private so you don't have to worry about those paparazzi. Best of all, it has been ranked one of the best psychiatric hospitals. Go while there is still chance.

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