Toxic Friends- Do You Have One?

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"Bad company corrupts good character."  This may be an old proverb , but the these words are absolutely true. Real friends are there to comfort, advise, and support you - but sometimes we find that some of our friends have to be weeded out to keep us from going crazy! In this post, we identify the type of people who may be in your circle that you need to kick out immediately!

The Gossip 

 This is self explanatory. This girl can't keep a secret to save her life. If you know a gossip girl, the obvious way to deal with it is to keep her at arms length. She's already proven that she can't be trusted with your secrets and could very well go blabbing away all your other secrets. If it's her first offense, be sure to let her know that she's crossed the line and your trust has been damaged. If Gossip gets you into a big mess that has the potential to ruin your reputation,or causes conflict with other friends- then it's time to end this quicker than Rihanna's acting career.


These are the friends who congratulate you on your victories, all your accomplishments, and  are usually around when everything in your world is looking up. When things start looking bad for you, Ghosts will disappear quicker than Lebron's hairline. They don't stick to their promises when they say that they will, and ghosts really seem harmless to the effect, but you should definitely let them know what ups. If you have a ghost in your circle, just be sure to have a backup plan when including them in plans. After all, they just may disappear when you need them the most.


Me-Mes seems to be stuck on one channel - one that only airs stuff about themselves. They somehow manage to turn every conversation back to themselves. Finally got that internship? MeMe had one better last summer. Got a new pet dog? Me-me tells you all about her winning pet terrier you didn't ask (or care) about. Not only are Me-Mes narcissistic, they're rude. They'll interrupt you mid conversation and won't let you add anything to the conversation.  A real friendship relies on communication between both parties - not an endless overflow from one end. If this sounds like you and your friend, let Me-Me know how you feel. Make sure you gear the conversation back to yourself whenever Me-Me starts getting too full of herself. 

Bad News

She may act like your ride or die, but this girl is only there to get you into trouble. Every time you have a problem - whether it's with friends, a lover, or whatever - she's usually the one giving all the wrong advice. Instead of advising you to handle things in a civil manner, she wants you to go the extreme. "She was talking about you? Let's jump her!" "Andre was with another girl last night? Let's bust his windows!" Unless she was just brought up that way, this girl is only trying to use you for her entertainment. While you're out there getting your butt whooped or being hallled off to jail, she's sitting back and watching you make a fool of yourself. And don't be surprised when she blames you for your foolishness. Best bet, don't come to this girl for advice. If she seems to bring trouble your way, run!

Debbie Downer

So you passed that chemistry class that you thought for sure you were going to fail. You run and tell Debbie the good news, but  her response is a football field short of thrilled? This is the Debbie Downer. No matter what big accomplish you achieve, Debbie will find a way to burst your bubble. "Got a new car? It's just gonna break down like the other ones.""Oh you got that job? They probably won't keep you." Debbies can also be dream killers. They'll say that your dream of becoming a top surgeon is unreachable and persuade you to look into a career at McDonalds instead. People like this will only drain you of your energy and cause you not to be happy, If you have a Debbie in your circle, cut them loose now.

You may have come across someone who fits in more than one of these categories, or may not be sure if you should cut a friend loose or not. Before you decided to burn any bridges, take a few things into consideration. Do they inspire you to better yourself, or run towards success? Do they really care about you and your interests? Can you depend them to keep a secret and their promises? If you answered no to any of these questions, then you may want to start finding a new friend.

Do any of your friends fit into this category? How did you deal with them? Have another type of toxic friend to add to the list?

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