Is Nicki Minaj Losing Popularity?

11:00 AM

After the crazy Grammy performance rapper Nicki Minaj did this year, some experts say that Minaj may lose the popularity that she once had.
We've seen it before: a pop star comes into the music industry and everyone is amazed, but soon the fame fades, and people forget them.  All eyes are on Nicki Minaj to see if she can compete with  younger rappers like Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks. I have noticed the amount of dislikes in Minaj's recent Youtube videos "Stupid Hoe" (that wasn't a surprise) and "Beez in The Trap." Let's not forget that her album Roman Reloaded fell way below its exception. Can we all admit that Minaj's popularity will not last  forever? Maybe in the next year or so we will all sorta forget about her and focus on a new rapper or singer. I'm not trying to be harsh on her, but it happens too often. Although her popularity may be fading, her music may live on.

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  1. Excellent blog. I think her downfall right this moment is for allowing Meek Mill to step out of his place and go on the attach of Drake. She buried herself in a shade of gray that might take a long time to crawl her way out of. I remember for as long her first hit came out "super bass" Nicki had at least 1-3 summer hits a year... however, in 2016 it's total silence on her part. I think TBH, Meek is her downward spiral, and her brother is probably the lid on her coffin... RIP


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