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Twitter has become a new way that we all have expressed ourselves, and of course with any social media, it comes with it's headaches. One thing about Twitter that can sometimes cause a headache is the trending topics. Yeah, sometimes the topics are funny and we all get a laugh out of them. Then there are those that are just plain ratchet. Here's a list of Twitter trends that we think need to #stopASAP.


I don't know what idiot  person started this, but this is one trending topic that needs to end. Twitter has killed more people than black on black violence. We've all witnessed the twitter deaths of celebrities such as Usher, KeKe Palmer, and even political figures such as Nelson Mandela. Death isn't anything to play around with, and seeing that someone has died through twitter causes pain to the family and friends that come across these messages.


 Save these tweets for your significant other. This is Twitter - not a porn site.

 #Teamicantstandmybabydaddy and other hood trending topics

You can obviously tell there are a lot of black people on Twitter  based on the popular trending topics. Sometimes the topics can be funny, but mostly they just spread ignorance. Some topics that I thought were majorly stupid are #howtospoilahoodrat , #waystomakeablackgirlmad, #youknowyouasidechick. This makes the people participating in these topics look ignorant. And really, what can you do to a black girl to make her mad that wouldn't work on a girl of any other color?

#TeamLightSkin #TeamDarkSkin #TeamMixed

Last time I checked, the Jim Crow era had passed. So why are we grouping ourselves into groups based on our skin color?  This whole light vs dark skinned thing is already a bad enough problem in the real world, why segregate yourselves through twitter? How about #teameducated or something else empowering instead? We all have a mixture of some other race, so why do people constantly have to say #Teammixed? No one cares if you are mixed because honestly most people either look black, white, or Asian. How about #TEAMHUMANRACE

#TeamFlipPhone #TeamBlackBerry #TeamAndroid #Teamiphone

Do we really need to know what kind of phone you have? Will that really encourage me to follow you? I think not.


I will admit, I was once apart of Team Follow back when I first started Twitter - Until I realized that half of the people on this team didn't really follow me back. The beauty about Twitter is that you don't have to follow everyone who follows you -this isn't Facebook guys. And if you really have to promise someone that you'll follow them to get more followers, then doesn't that say a lot about you?

Anything about Justin Bieber

Thanks to his loyal horde of teenage girls, Justin Bieber seems to make the trending list at least once a week. From spreading the hype to his music videos or letting the world know how much swag Justin has, beliebers (Bieber fans) will stop at nothing to keep their bright and shining on your timeline. Since we're on the topic of Justin Bieber, let's get into the last and final

Let's kill (Celeb you hate)

As mentioned before, death is nothing to joke about or take lightly. Neither is publicly stating that you want to kill or wishing death on a celeb. Tweets like this have been aimed at a range of people from Rebecca Black, Selena Gomez, and even activists. Celebrities have feelings too, and wishing death on someone you don't even know is still bullying no matter how famous they are. If you agree with their talent, skill, or choices then make your voices heard in a way that doesn't get you arrested.

What Twitter Trending Topics are you tired of seeing? Did we get all your pet peeves?

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