Celebrities Who Need A Break From Social Media

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Don't you hate it when you see a friend who treats Facebook like a diary? Even more annoying when your  friend constantly posts selfies on Instagram. You may think this friend needs to press pause from the constant updates. There are some celebrities, like the annoying friend, who also needs a break from social media. Here's my list of celebrities who should take a vacation off social media.

 James Franco

I had a huge crush on James Franco last summer. I was obsessed with him. However, I have notice that my ex-husband  has been doing the MOST on Instagram. Posting almost naked pictures and flirting with a fan and asking to meet up with her. Sigh.  I have to break it to my baby. James if you're reading this, please baby, stop with the obsessive Instagram posting.

Drake Bell

I used to love watching Drake & Josh on Nickeoledeon. After the show ended, I haven't heard much from Drake or Josh.  I'm pretty sure you have heard about the Twitter beef between Drake and Justin Bieber. Bieber never respond to Bell's negative tweets. However, Bieber did crash Bell's album release party back in August. Maybe Bieber had enough of Drake's insults on Twitter and wanted to confront him.  Either ways, Bell please stop with the mean tweets about Bieber. It looks like you're relying on the negative tweets about Bieber to get some media attention.

Justin Bieber

Speaking of Bieber, I think it's best if he takes a break from social media for a while. Although Bieber is rarely in Twitter beef, or posting semi nude pictures, I think he needs to work on revamping his image. Anything Bieber post can either help his career or add more chaos to it.  Right now, the media is trying to find every negative thing to say about him. Maybe deleting his accounts can give the media less to say.


She was banned from Instagram for posting a nude picture of herself. Rihanna sometimes start Twitter beef  with celebrities and was recently accused of cyber bullying a fan on Twitter.  She is the princess of throwing shade. Mariah Carey is the queen of throwing shade and don't you forget.  I think Rihanna is hilarious on Twitter sometimes, but I do think that maybe she needs to stay quiet for a moment.

Azelia Banks

When I talk about Twitter beef, no one takes the cake like Azelia Banks. There are many celebrities that she has started Twitter beef with (T.I, Lil Kim, and Rita Ora just to name a few). I think it's best  for her to cool it off social media.

Which celebrities do you think should quit social media?

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  1. totally agree with James Franco... but drake, haha i laugh so hard with his tweets!
    i think miley cyrus should take a break. c;mon!

    1. Thanks for commenting. I was thinking about Miley Cyrus, but wasn't sure to put her on this list Maybe part 2 LOL.

  2. Everytime I see James Franco now I think: CREEPER. I just can't.

    1. I'm trying not to give up on James, but it's hard. I can't even explain his actions anymore.

  3. Stopping by from That's Fresh Friday--this is hilarious! And so true lol poor James Franco. I'm a fan of his much more together little brother though ;)

    1. I like Dave Franco too. I really hope James gets it together soon.


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