"I Dated This Guy Once..." Book Review

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I Dated This Guy Once… by Toni Rae is a story detailing her life as a single woman. She tells her experiences of heartbreak from previous relationships and triumph with accepting her single status. The book is a great choice for women who are dealing with break-ups and coming to terms with the ups and downs of being single.

 The book begins with Rae working in South Korea as an English teacher. She then takes readers back to
one of her past relationships, Joe. She details the highs and lows of the relationship. Once she becomes single, she reflects on her life. This is a constant theme throughout the book. The obstacles she faces are finding herself and true love. She gives readers inspiration about life, love, and happiness.

 Although there are moments of inspiration, there are occasions when readers get an insight of the heartaches of being a single woman. In one chapter, she allows readers to see these emotions as she writes letters to her future true love. She writes: “I have kissed you so many times in my dreams only to awake without you.”

 The book is divided into 23 chapters which she calls episodes. Each episode begins with a quote that correlates with the information given. The organization of each episode gives readers an insight of her past relationships and what she has learned. The stories and advice are helpful, but sometimes the advice would be extended and presented as rambling.

 I Dated This Guy Once… is a collection of Rae’s personal thoughts about dating and relationships. At time the personal stories she shares are similar to a diary. The diary style of writing is a great way for her to establish a personal relationship with her readers, but it falls flat at times because of the long-winded advice. Rae shares her moment of sadness and happiness throughout the book and these qualities are needed to motivate and be a voice for other women like herself.

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