My Interview with Rihanna

1:00 PM

Me: Hi Rihanna! So great to meet you! How are you today?

Rihanna: (Taking a puff from her joint she lit before the interview) I'm doing good. Living life breezy. Opps did I say that? I meant, living life easy. 

Me: Congrats on your success. I'm curious to know, what do you think of Beyoncé's latest album?

Rihanna: You talking about the one she randomly released online because she was afraid it would flop like her last album? I thought it was good.

Me: Do you have a favorite song from the album?

Rihanna: What's that one that she talking about drinking watermelon?

Me: "Drunk in Love?"

Rihanna: Yeah, only cause I like to drank watermelon. (She's talking about the urban dictionary meaning of watermelon)

Me: Fans want to know, when is the next album?

Rihanna: I'm in the studio every day. Fans will have to be patient with may. Insert Barbados Accent

Me: Okay. How are you dealing with the news about Chris Brown?

Rihanna: Seeing Chris in jail, is hard for may because he was my love. * Tearing up* I'm sorry. You'll never see me cry, until now. People don't understand that Chris is a human being and... I know it's so harrrrd yeah yeah yeah for him. #freebreezy.

Me: Are their any upcoming singers that you like.

Rihanna: Hell no

Me: What do you think of Ariana Grande, people say she's the next Mariah Carey?

Rihanna: Laughs

Me: What's funny

Rihanna: Still Laughing Please! next question.

Me: Are you dating anyone at the moment?

Rihanna: Depends on your definition of dating.

Me: Drake? Are you two seeing each other?

Rihanna: Why would I see a guy who is emotionally disturbed? I had enough with Chris.

Me: Thank you Rihanna for stopping and supporting our blog.

Rihanna: Bye bitch.

Of Course  I never Interviewed Rihanna, this is all for fun.

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