Kim Kardashian is My Role Model

2:00 PM

*Warning this is for fun. This is NOT to be taken seriously.

Kim Kardashian doesn't get the nice media attention she deserves. I don't understand. She's one of my favorite celebrities. The fake hair, lashes, cake on make-up, and implants is what every woman should look like, and Kim Kardashian does a great job at it.  My speech professor would laugh at my voice, but I told her I was doing the vocal fry, the way Kim does.  Here are my reasons  why Kim Kardashian is the best role model.

She let's me know that lying on my back is the best way to get on top. Going to college isn't enough. I must sleep with every professor I can to insure that I will get a good job when I graduate.

She's is always polite to her sisters.

In Kim's world it isn't a good time until you take countless picture and share it because how else will people believe you have a  wonderful life?

When it comes to men, Kim taught me to get out of a bad relationship as soon as possible. Cough Kris Humphries.

She also taught me to steal another woman's man because he may be the best thing for me, not the other woman. How else would she met the wonderful Kanye West.
We all know Amber Rose wasn't doing a good job to keep Kanye.

Kim Kardashian is the modern day Marilyn Monroe. Many girls are always quoting the famous Monroe, and Kim has some inspiring quotes for the future generations like Monroe.

 "You can use the same motto for everything in life. If you put that effort in, you'll get what you want." - Kim Kardashian

I have a feeling Kim Kardashian use the right motto to get exactly what she wants. 

Do you think Kim is a good role model?

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