Ulsan Bound! Update on Fundraising!

11:39 AM

As you guys know, I'm going to Ulsan University in South Korea this summer and I'm getting ever more nervous and excited as I realize how close it's getting. The only problem I had was the shock of the ticket price and worrying how I was actually going to pay, since turning this down was a big no, no after the struggle I went through to even get to apply for the program. So as soon as I found about the cost I went to work on raising money.

 I created a Go Fund Me account that is great in theory, but sucked in actually trying to get donations up. I've had it up for a while, and despite the shares I've gotten (thank you to all who did share) I didn't actually get any donations towards my trip through the site. Thankfully, I have amazing friends and family who I know in real life who are able to help me.

I am a very prideful person and hate asking people for help, so asking people -even starting my Go Fund Me account- was something that I only did as a last resort. As I mentioned before, my job alone wouldn't help me to raise the money that I needed. So after making the account and  (my mom telling family about it) I got a lot of people who jumped up to help me in some type of way.

My parents where the first ones to help of course, and started spreading the word to my family (whom I will call riiighhttt after I publish this post) who pledged to help in some form. I told my boyfriend's mom about the trip and within an hour of talking to her she had already gotten three donors for me. Yes, she is the queen of networking.

The director of my university's study abroad department told me about a scholarship open that I'll be applying for that can be used towards this trip. So if I get it, that will bring about $250-$500 more dollars off the trip. That's if I get it.

I am still looking for ways to raise money for my trip abroad, but I am happy to be making progress. Right now, I have a car wash happening on Saturday which I invite anyone who lives in Montgomery to attend! I'll be accepting donations, so anything you can give will help. We're also planning to have a cook out or plate drive in June to help raise more funds.

Right now I want to say thank you to mama, daddy, Aunt Kesha, and my second mom Faye -thank you so much for your contributions! I really appreciate all the love and the help you've given me! Also, thanks to Shari, Shannah, and Ashai for your advise and help!

Again, I'll create another update on my progress soon. I am still open to any help you all can give me, and wish me luck!

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  1. Aww I am so sorry to hear that! As someone who has had to fundraise thousands of dollars for mission trips abroad, it is sooo hard! I didn't even finish fundraising until the last possible day I could before leaving for my trip last year. Don't worry, you'll find a way to make ends meet!

    1. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who struggles with this! Happy to hear you were able to get everything you needed, and I'm still working as many angles as possible to make sure I'll get there. I know I will, it's just the process that's driving me nuts.

  2. it's amazing that you're going to south korea! study abroad is fantastic and will change your life, i promise. good luck fundraising!

    1. Thank you Olivia, and I can't wait to get there this summer! I know it will.

  3. Fundraising is always so difficult! But once you're abroad all the struggle will be worth it! x

    1. Yes, I'm looking towards the end zone. When I'm eating Kimchi in Ulsan, I know it will all be worth it!

  4. Hey I'm going to Korea this summer as well! When are the dates for your trip?


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