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First I want to apologize for not blogging often. I'm well aware that the blog hasn't been updated in almost two months. I literally shut down during those past two months. It took a leave of absence for me to realize how much the blog is love. Special thanks to all the new followers we've received on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest  during our absence. After sipping my tea and  processing what's been going on in the world lately, it's time to review  all that I should have done during the two month leave.

CL's American Debut

When it was announced that the baddest female mainstream Korean rapper was about to grace her presence in the American market, I literally shouted for joy. On one hand I'm excited to see the energy CL will bring, but on the other hand I'm scared she might get highly criticized. Where there is fame, there will be haters. CL would easily get compared to Iggy Azelea and Nicki Minaj based on her style. A while back I saw the "Dirty Vibe" video she made with G-Dragon and Skrillex, and I love everything about her style in that video.. hopefully she will keep that look up.

Sam Smith Being The Success I predicted

I remember posting songs from Sam Smith before he became famous. No one payed  attention to those posts. I also remember when I liked his featured song "Latch" before it even reached American stations, later I would hear the song everywhere.  "Stay With Me" became Smith's groundbreaking song here in America, although I'm not a fan of the song, I'm glad that he's finally getting the attention he deserves. Now that he's mainstream, I don't know if I can listen to him the same as I did before. 

Iggy Azelea Being The Mockery

Don't judge me, but I actually liked Iggy's songs before "Fancy" blew up. I will say that Iggy's success took me by surprise. I wasn't a fan of her song"Fancy," but I think the music video helped the song gain a lot of appeal. People are hating the southern black accent that she fakes when she raps, and she was a mockery after her attempt to freestyle. When Azealia Banks called her Igloo Australia in a Twitter spat, I literally could not stop laughing. It seems like Iggy's success came out of pure luck because even though I liked her music I didn't think she would go anywhere. 

4Minute Drops A Slaytastic Album

When Korean group 4Minute announced their new album will drop, I was excited because I actually liked them as a girl group. So far the stand out song from the album that is constantly on repeat is "Cut it Out." The beat is everything and the bridge slayed. I played the song for my roommate, and she said the song takes her back to 90's hip-hop.


I Finally Listened To Sky Ferreria's Album

Night Time, My Time  by Sky Ferreria  was released so long ago that during the two months hiatus I finally got a chance to listen to it. The album was decent. I can't hate, Ferreira did a good job on the album. My favorite song from the album was"Boys." The song was just pure awesomeness, and it was definitely the standout.

Whitney Houston and Aaliyah Lifetime Biography Movies.. Let's Pretend that Never Happened

People trashed the Aaliyah's movie from the acting, singing, casting, and just plain everything. The Whitney Houston's movie was a little bit better, but I still thought it was just as terrible. I hated the sex scenes, and I also hated the movie's lack of explanation to Whitney's rise to fame. It focused too much on her  relationship with Bobby Brown. I personally thought the Whitney Houston story was too soon.

American Horror Story...

I don't know what to think of American Horror Story this season, but can we all agree that the character Dandy was amazing. Sure the plot this season was weaker than the others, but I loved Dandy's crazy, twisted character. Finn Wittrock, the actor who portrayed him, deserved some type of award. Some girls thought he was cute, but I cannot see Dandy as cute after all of his crazy antics. I also liked Sarah Paulson's portrayal of the con jointed twins. 

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