Brown Eyed Girls "Recipe" Music Review

8:00 AM

When I began listening to K-Pop, 2ne1 was my favorite girl group. I eventually started liking other groups as well. One group that I stumbled upon was Brown Eyed Girls.  I really started listening to them after Psy's video "Gentleman" because Ga-in, one of the members, appeared in the video.  One song that I'm still loving from them is "Abracadabra." I have been eagerly waiting for their comeback single after listening to their older music. "Recipe" is their newest single, and Miryo's rapping in the song is amazing! Her voice is like no other. The beat to the song is very smooth and sounds similar to a 70s disco hit with a modern twist. After reading the English lyrics to the song, I think the song is about a woman pleasing a man. Think of it as a Destiny's Child "Cater 2 You" type of song. I also believe the song is about allowing a man to open up more and the only way of doing this is by showing love and catering to him. I posted a video with the English lyrics to see your take of the song's meaning.

What do you think of the song? 

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