Celebrities That Majored in Journalism or Communication

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Since we are both in the communications field of study,  I'm majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Tara is majoring in Communication, I sometimes wonder which celebrities started off as journalists. Believe it or not, many actors went to school and majored in journalism or communications. Although they're not working as news anchor, take a look at some actors who had a different passion before hitting the big screen.

   Denzel Washington- Major: Journalism and Drama 

It's hard to believe this two time Oscar winner majored in Journalism. After graduating from Fordham University, Washington earned a Bachelor's degree in both Drama and Journalism. I'm guessing theater was always in his heart.  After much debate, Washington decided to take the theater route and attended American Conservatory Theater for his graduate.

Kimberly Elise- Major: Mass Communication 

The Hit the Floor actress always had a passion for acting, even studying acting and film while attending University of Minnesota. She would later earn a Bachelor's degree in Mass Communication. 

 Brad PittMajor: Journalism with a focus in Advertising  

Brad Pitt does not seem close to the type of guy that would major in Journalism. In fact, I never thought he attended college, but he did. While attending University of Missouri, he majored in Journalism with a focus in Advertising. Pitt almost earned his degree in the field, but dropped out and moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

  Regina Hall- : Major:  Journalism  

You may know her as the funny girl, Brenda, from Scary Movie, but long before her debut in acting she attended New York University as a  Journalism major. She would later earn a Master's degree in the field, but soon after graduating she began a career in acting.

James Marsden- Major: Broadcast Journalism

 Before his acting career begin to take off, the 27 Dresses actor went to Oklahoma State University to major in Broadcast Journalism. He didn't stay in school long. He dropped out and headed to Los Angeles to begin a career in acting.

My Advice:

For those of you that are entering college and confused about picking a major, don't worry because you will find your passion. For those of you that are similar to me and second guessing your major, don't stress.  Ask yourself why you've  picked the major in the first place. The one lesson that can be learned from the above actors is, it doesn't  matter where you start, it's where you'll end up. You may graduate a Journalist, but later become a Professor or an actor. Whatever your dream is, don't give up.

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  1. Interesting! Had no idea about some of these! Mass communication always has fascinated me!

    1. Yeah! I was shock about Denzel Washington and Brad Pitt. I don't know to much about Mass Communication, but I've heard pretty good things about it.

  2. Interesting who took journalism and where they ended up.

  3. Very interesting post, and great advice! I'm a news/editorial journalism major. I love reading about things like this. :)

    1. Thanks for commenting :) And I find these things interesting as well.

  4. This has to be one of the most interesting blog posts I have read in a while! I love fun celebrity facts, and as a broadcast journalism major, it was so cool to see what celebs have a passion like mine. Loved your advice about reaching for your dreams. Great post! :)


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