If you Were the Other Woman . . .

2:09 PM

Last night BET aired its original movie  Being Mary Jane, starring Gabrielle Union. The film follows television host Mary Jane Paul, a woman who has the looks, the job, the house, but is still looking for love.  In the first scenes of the film we find out that Jane's lover is hiding a secret from her -he's married. In a seat clinching scene Mary Jane sees her lover's wife going into a pet shop and has the spontaneous idea to go follow her inside and reveal the secret that her husband has been hiding. But, things didn't go the way that she or anyone else expected.

The wife didn't scream or break down and start crying. Neither did she try to beat Mary Jane down in the store. Instead, she asked Mary Jane what she wanted her to do , declaring that she was still going to keep her man. A statement that neither I nor a shocked Mary Jane expected.

After the scene was over a friend and I started wondering what we would do if we were in the same situation. What would you do if you found out you were the other woman? Is it really your job to tell the wife or girlfriend that their spouse is being unfaithful? Would you do it in person or anonymously? I just want to hear your side. 

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  1. That was one of the best scenes in the show! It's easy to say what you would or would not do / tolerate but once you're put in that situation you may be shockingly surprised!

    1. I was sitting there thinking "don't you follow her! Turn around, don't do it!" lol. But you're right, you never know what you'll actually do.

  2. I'd dump him promptly and keep an eye out for his main squeeze. Because it's not the other woman's place to get in their relationship. But like Michelle said, you never know until you're actually in it.


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