I Hate To Admit It, But I Like Miley Cyrus's New Song

8:30 AM

"We Can't Stop" by Miley Cyrus has been stuck in my head for a moment. To relieve the stress of the song-bug in my ear, I played the song one more time before I went to bed. I woke up the next morning still singing the tune. What's wrong with me? I saw the trashy video of "We Can't Stop" weeks ago, and the video itself turn me away from the song. Okay- Maybe if I hear the song one last time, I'll be over it for sure. However, I wasn't over the song, I soon realized the terrible revelation. I like the song! But how can I like a song by Miley Cyrus?  I'm sure there is some sort of explanation. It's a sad day when I like a trashy dance song that talks about "Molly." Well I have to go, I will  listen to "We Can't Stop", one last time... I hope. Save me!

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