20 Facts About Us You Didn't Know

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Left to Right: Shannah and Tara
So we've been writing here at The SLS for a while, and just realized you guys don't really know much about the girls behind the blog. Anyone who's followed us for a while may remember that we used to post under pseudo names, but wanted to let down our guards and let you guys get to know the real us. So with that being said, we each came up with ten fact about us that we wanted to share. Enjoy!

1. I cannot leave the house without a pair of earrings and lip gloss.
2. My favorite French film is La Vie En Rose. 
3.  Even though I like fashion, I don't go shopping often.
4.  I'm a hardcore TLC fan. R.I.P Left Eye
5.  I'm scared of dogs!
6. Pineapples are my favorite fruit. Seriously! If a food item has pineapples in it, I'm eating it.
7. I've only watched one Batman film in my entire life, The Dark Knight Rises.
8. My favorite fast food restaurants are Zaxby's and Chick Fil A.
9.  My ideal guy is one that lives in a big city .
10. I think I have great taste in music. I'm always telling friends about new artists I've discover.

Tara Simone

11. I love Disney, Pixar, and Marvel.
12.  My recent obsession have been Monster High and SIS Barbie dolls -don't judge me.
13. Rogue is my favorite character from X-Men, followed by Mystique.
14. I want to buy a Doberman puppy. They look like such cute, regal dogs!
15. I like kittens until they grow up.
16. I hate my feet.
17. I'm really indecisive. I'm constantly weighing the cons of pros of situations and can never make a quick decision without over thinking it.
18. I think everyone should work retail during the holidays. You'll see the human race differently.
19.Being the oldest is awesome because you're always the boss.
20. I've always been fascinated with Asian culture. Not sure if it's because of my anime overload as a child or my dad's influence (he has a killer martial arts movie collection and anime lover as well).

Where you surprised by anything? What's one thing someone doesn't know about you?

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  1. Interesting facts. When I was a teen and in my early twenties I wanted to be a fashion designer. However I was good with numbers so bookkeeping and accounting became my job. Recently the design dream has been revived. I use my creativity in food.
    Spatulas On Parade

    1. Thanks for the comment! It's great that you are finding your passion for design!

  2. Dobermans are lovely dogs, but when they grow up, they'll take you for a walk, not the other way around! I think only two people know I play the Dizi (chinese flute). :)

    1. Oh, cool fact! And yea, you may be right on the Doberman thing. My neighbor has three of them and she always looks like she's jogging when taking them for their morning walk. Thanks for the comment!


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