Not Loving 2NE1's New SIngle "Falling in Love"

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LR: Dara, Bom, Minzy, and CL. 2NE1 is back with their new comeback single!

It's been a long time coming, but 2NE1 is here with a new comeback single! The song, called Falling in Love, dropped Sunday with a new video. I've been eagerly waiting to hear my bias group comeback with new music, but once I heard this song I was disappointed. 

Falling in Love is a light summer song with reggae vibes. This isn't the first time that 2NE1 has played with reggae. One of their many versions of Lonely included a Reggae version that wasn't too shabby. Though I loved the Reggae Lonely, I'm not feeling this single. The one thing that's killing me is the change in tone in the song. I love hearing Minzy sing in her laid back, relaxed tone to the song. As soon as I start to think this song is actually pretty good and something I can bob to, CL runs onto the track with her aggressive raps I'm completely tuned off. It just ruins the feel of the song. Yes, 2NE1 does a lot of beat changing in their other songs,  but this tune should have just been left alone. I like the chorus of the song, and even the hook, but I just wish they'd dumped the rap and just sing this time.

Dara's Twerk face is so serious
Visuals we're "so-so" as well. I hate Dara's new hair color.  Dara is usually the guinea pig for all the drastic hair changes, but I'm hating this new experiment that YG is trying with her hair. I've always had a problem with hair dyes that seem to blend with the skin and I can barely tell where Dara's hairline starts. Her makeup looks and the clothing were cute though, even though I think all the ladies were over dressed for the beach.

Bom looks super stiff in this video and her aegyo wasn't doing anything for me. And why is she wearing a cape? Minzy looks were perfect, especially her light and natural looks with the dark bob. I know that our little maknae is growing up, but her attempts at sexy still don't look sit right to me. CL looks gorgeous with her darker locks.

Overall with the look and sound, I give this music video a 3.5/5. It's not 2NE1's worst, but they'll have to come better with their next single.

Check out the video and tell me what you think. Do you like the looks in this video? Are you feeling it?

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  1. I love the looks in the video AND the song.

    1. I love everyone's outfits and the song is slowly getting better. I still wish it were just straight singing, but oh well. Thanks for the comment Ria! :)


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