Movie Review: After Earth Isn't Really Memorable

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Ever since seeing the preview for After Earth, I knew it was going to be one summer blockbuster that I didn't want to miss. The movie stars father son duo Jaden and Will smith in the future were humans have immigrated to a new planet called Nova Prime. On this new adopted home, there are aliens called ursa that can smell the secretions caused by fear meaning that they can literally see fear. It was almost impossible to fight against them until a man named Cypher Raige(Will Smith) mastered a technique called ghosting, or masking fear, making you invisible to the enemy.

The movie follows Kitai Raige(Jaden Smith), a young boy who is trying very hard to follow in his father's footsteps and hopes to become a ranger, or soldier, like his father. He's done extremely well on all his exams and tests, but can't ghost keeping him from graduating. This is just one of many factors that have caused tension between he and his father's relationship.  Of course, that's when things take a turn for the worst for  Kitai when his father  take him along to escort an Ursa for a field mission. But things go wrong and the two end up crashing to the unlivable Earth and Cypher is badly injured. Now it's up to Kitai to conquer his fear as his and his father's life lie in his hands.

Jaden's voice was one of the most annoying parts of the movie. It's easy to tell he's going through puberty and his voice is in that awkward, cracking stage . The people of Nova Prime also have this weird accent that sounds like a mix between British and Southern drawl. All the characters have the accent, but Kitai's is really thick and distracting. You'll start to get used to it about halfway through the movie.

I did like the underlining storyline between Kitai and Cypher's relationship. Although Cypher is known for being able to mask his fear, it seems like he's masking every emotion. However, when Kitai was in trouble you could hear the concern in his voice. There was one moment in the film where Cypher is talking to a scared Kitai and seems to break out of character, giving everyone a laugh.

After Earth wasn't as action packed as I wanted, but there are some good scenes in the film. The major downfall of this movie is that there really isn't much to remember. I After the movie was over I tried to list all the things I loved and hated but couldn't really come up with many. It's a decent movie that probably won't be receiving any awards anytime soon, but it was a good film to watch. I'm sure that the Smith's will have a better time in their next film.If you want to see this movie, wait for its release on Redbox. I give this film a 6.5/10.

Have you watched After Earth? What did you think of the film?

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  1. I was wondering about this film. M. Night Shamalan has disappointed me so much in the past, but I was hoping that this time would be different.

    1. It wasn't as bad as Avatar so that's a good thing! LIke I say, it's a decent movie, nothing grand.


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